How to Get Contacts in an Emergency

Life happens, and sometimes it leaves you completely out of contact lenses in the middle of an emergency. Luckily for you, we have three suggestions on how you can get contact lenses in an emergency situation.

1. Ask Your Local Eye Doctor

Your personal eye doctor will likely have samples they can give you. They get samples from the manufacturers to help patients find the right lenses, so they will have a wide variety of products and prescriptions. If you have a regular local doctor, then they should be okay giving you a trial pair to hold you over in an emergency.

2. Try An Optical Shop or Chain

If you are away from your local doctor, you can try stopping into an optical shop or chain, like Walmart Vision or America's Best. These larger stores often have a supply of contact lenses in the store that they can sell. If you have a common prescription or product, they will probably have it in stock.

However, they will require a copy of your doctor's prescription before they can sell to you. That isn't just them being difficult. It is federal law, so be sure to get a copy from your eye doctor or have a picture of it handy.

3. Order Contacts with Next Day Shipping

If you can't find any contacts near you, you could order some online with next day shipping. They won't get to you same day, but you will have them the very next business day.

Some sites charge extra for next day delivery, but we include it in every single order so that you can be guaranteed to have your lenses the very next day, no matter what your emergency is.

All you need to do is find your brand and place an order online. If you include a copy of your unexpired prescription, we can ship the order the same day. If you don't have your prescription handy, we can contact your doctor on your behalf to request a copy.

Let us focus on your contacts so you can focus on your emergency.


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