Shipping & Prescription Details

Shipping Details strives to get your contacts delivered to you as fast as possible.  Like our name suggests, our goal is to have your contact lenses delivered to your doorstep by the next business day.

Here are the shipping times and days you can expect your order to ship and arrive.

  • Orders are processed and shipped Monday-Friday. We do not deliver on the weekends at this time.
  • Orders placed after 2pm Eastern will be processed and shipped the next business day.
  • Orders placed on Fridays before 2pm Eastern will arrive on Monday.
  • Orders placed after 2pm Eastern on Friday – Sunday are shipped on Monday and will arrive Tuesday.
  • Federal Holidays do not count as business days

Other Shipping Details

PO Boxes and military addresses must be delivered by the Postal Service, which usually takes more than one day. We cannot guarantee next day delivery for these addresses and recommend you use a different delivery address if possible. 

Shipping Delays

In most cases, your order will arrive on time. However, sometimes things happen outside our control that may delay delivery. For example:

  • Inclement weather
  • Flight Delays
  • Traffic Accidents
  • Holidays
  • UPS driver decides it’s not safe to leave a package
  • Protest
  • COVID-19

Prescription Requirement

Federal law requires a prescription for all contact lens purchases. If you upload your unexpired contact lens prescription, we can process your order right away.

If you don't upload your prescription, we are required by federal law to contact your doctor and give them up to 8 business hours to respond. We cannot ship your order until we hear back from your doctor, or until that 8 business hours has passed. If possible, please upload a picture of your prescription for the fastest possible processing.

Prescription Questions

Can I use my glasses prescription to order contacts?

No, contacts and glasses prescriptions are legally distinct and cannot be substituted for one another.

Can I order contacts if my prescription is expired?

No, it is illegal for anyone to fill orders with an expired prescription. If you upload an expired prescription, we'll contact your doctor to check about an updated prescription.

Can I order a brand that doesn't match my prescription?

No, federal law does not allow a contact lens seller to send you any brand other than the one written on your prescription. If your order doesn't match your prescription, we'll contact your doctor to get everything sorted out and then let you know what your doctor says. This can add an additional day of processing.

Can I use my old boxes instead of my doctor's written prescription?

No, federal law requires either the actual doctor's prescription or for the seller to contact the doctor. We cannot legally process orders based on an old box.